Raider Originals

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Jonas Raider and welcome to Raider Originals. The Raider Originals artistic expression is driven by an all-American upbringing and free-thinking persona. With professional origins in Manhattan’s garment industry, an eye for fashion-forward trends sparked an inner flame to create from the heart and by our own hand.

Raider Originals resides in rural Maryland- where removed from the distractions of the city, color, ideas, and forms flow easily and undisturbed. Working in oils and acrylics on wood or canvas, the style can best be described as modernistic abstraction-depicting imagery of layers and texture without rules.

Most of the artwork featured on RaiderOriginals.com has been shown in NYC, Washington D.C. and Art Basel Miami gallery showings.

We have also combined the beauty or Raider Originals art and our extensive knowledge of the garment industry to bring to life the Raider Originals brand in a collection of apparel and accessories that we know you will enjoy.