Media: Acrylics on Wood

Dimensions: 40″ x 48″ x 2″

Creation Date: June 2023


“Energy” is a captivating acrylic paint on wood artwork, thoughtfully created by artist Jonas Raider as a heartfelt tribute to the Herren Project (herrenproject.org). This remarkable piece emanates with the dynamic interplay of burgundy, black, and grey, accentuated by secondary hues of pink, white, and blue, embodying the essence of energy, resilience, and transformation.

The canvas is a symphony of colors, each shade representing a facet of the human experience—burgundy for strength, black for introspection, and grey for growth. The harmonious infusion of pink, white, and blue serves as a reminder of the hope, support, and renewal that the Herren Project extends to individuals and families affected by substance use disorders.

As you engage with “Energy,” you’ll be enveloped in a visual narrative that closely aligns with the values upheld by the Herren Project. By featuring this artwork in your space, you not only embrace the beauty of artistic expression but also contribute to the meaningful work of providing assistance and resources to those on a journey towards recovery and wellness.

Illuminate your environment with the vibrant symbolism of “Energy” by Jonas Raider—a heartfelt homage to the transformative impact of the Herren Project and a testament to the inner strength and determination individuals embody as they navigate the path towards positive change.


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