Media: Acrylics on Panel

Dimensions: 35″ x 39″ x 2″

Creation Date: October 2022


Introducing ‘Isaac,’ a captivating acrylic paint on wood artwork inspired by the compelling character from the book ‘Roxy’ by Neal Shusterman. This piece channels the essence of the character’s journey and inner complexities, inviting you to delve into its narrative and symbolism.

In ‘Isaac,’ vivid strokes of blue, black, and white converge on the wooden canvas, forming an abstract composition that resonates with depth and emotion. The artwork reflects the character’s multifaceted nature, blending hues that represent his struggles, strengths, and the dynamic interplay of his experiences.

As you immerse yourself in ‘Isaac,’ the room is adorned with an artistic ambiance that further enriches the narrative. The centerpiece abstract painting, adorned with splashes of blue, black, and white, creates a mesmerizing display of colors and shapes, capturing the character’s complexity and evolution. This artwork serves as a visual homage to the character’s journey, inviting you to connect with the story’s nuances and contemplate the profound connection between art and literature.

Elevate your space with the thought-provoking allure of ‘Isaac,’ a tribute to the intricate layers of character and narrative, rendered in captivating hues that mirror the essence of his portrayal in the pages of ‘Roxy.’ Each brushstroke reflects a facet of his identity, inviting you to engage in a visual exploration that resonates with the powerful impact of storytelling.


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