Media: Acrylics on Board

Dimensions: 42″ x 64″ x 2″

Creation Date: August 2020


The artwork “Nefarious” is a striking piece that draws the viewer in with its bold colors and intricate details. Created using acrylics on board, this artwork is a testament to the artist’s skill in manipulating the medium to achieve a unique and captivating result.

The painting features a central figure, a dark and mysterious character with piercing eyes and a mischievous smirk. The figure is surrounded by a chaotic web of swirling lines and shapes, creating a sense of movement and energy that pulls the viewer deeper into the painting.

The use of color in “Nefarious” is particularly effective, with bold colors contrasting with deep blues and blacks to create a sense of tension and drama. This artwork is sure to make a statement in any room, commanding attention with its powerful imagery and masterful execution.

Whether you’re an art lover or simply looking for a unique and striking piece to add to your collection, “Nefarious” is a must-see work that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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