“So happy with his work! My living room is more complete now!”

“Jonas Raider’s work…well, to put it lightly, it speaks to me by grabbing my soul!”

“His art is so unique, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. He’s super professional and his customer service was impeccable. He wanted to make my piece perfect, just for me. I love it!”

“I don’t just have a painting, but I also have a piece of his heart.”

“Hanging Jonas’ painting in our dining room has elevated the space with bold colorings, giving every view a new perspective.”

“When I commissioned my first Raider original, I was amazed with Jonas’ ability to create a beautiful painting that was not only an expression of his own view, but perfectly matched what I wanted.”

“Jonas’ art gives my place color, something to talk about, and character. People visiting are always interested in where this art came from, because it is so unique and grabs their attention.”

“His work is evocative, original, and spurs on my own creativity. I can see countless worlds swirling in the colors of his paintings.”